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Broken Filter

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My filter on my 29 gallon broke, it just won't run anymore...I have a 75 gallon that I just put water in, but I was wondering how long the 29 will be okay without a filter?
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I'd replace it today. Take the media from the broken one and add it to the new one. If you can't do that today, then feed very lightly while doing water changes to keep toxic levels down. I'd take the media and keep it wet by immersing it in the tank in some way. Specifics of how to go about this depends on the filter and media.

What type of filter and how many and what type of fish do you have?
I just have the filter that came with the 29 kit, probably just a basic tetra filter for a 29 gallon tank.
I have 5 mbuna in the tank right now. I know its way to small for them, thats what the new 75 is for.
So, it's some type of hang on the back filter then? Do you have the new filtration for the 75? If not, today would be a good day to go pick that up. I'd be tempted to set it up with the media from the broken one on the 75 and move the fish today. I'd also move any decor along with it, even if it's only temporary. With a light fish load, you should be able to avoid major spikes in ammonia and/or nitrite. So, what was your plan for the changeover and are you able to get a new filter on the 75?
sorry, should have included some more info.
I have 2 emperor 400's in the 75. I just put in the water this morning, so It may take a few hours to get it acclimated with the heater and stuff, but I'm sure you already knew that haha.

And yes it is a HOB filter.
Another question regarding a pwerhead, do I need to have one for a 75 gallon tank. And if so what size/power?
five Mbuna shouldn't overload a 75, if it's up and running. I agree, (but then again, I'm a novice at this cichlid business!) I'd do it with koi, or angel fish. (oops, that's a cichlid....)
I know 5 mbuna aren't overloading it, I'm going to stock it with other fish, but for now that's all I have.
I'd take the media from the broken filter and add it to the emperors. As long as the water has reached 70 or so, go ahead. Hopefully the media hasn't been allowed to dry out. If you can't move the media yet. Add it to a bag or container of water to keep it wet. When the tank water is set, add the media and go ahead and move the fish. Better they be in a new tank than a tank without a filter. Feed lightly over the next several days while keeping an eye on ammonia and nitrite. Don't add any more fish for now.

A powerhead isn't necessary, but I like the hydor koralia's. It pushes a gentler current and helps ensure good circulation. Two of the 400's should move plenty of water though, so this would be a nice to have, not a need to have. I'm just big on making sure water is circulated to the surface often so it can take on oxygen.
Gotcha, thank you very much for all your help prov356, I'll keep you posted on how it all turns out.
Does adding water from an old tank help the nitrogen cycle or no?
Yes, old tank water helps some. I believe the order of helpfulness is...

1 - established filter media
2 - gravel from an established tank
3 - decor from an established tank
4 - water from an established tank
Ok so my 29 gallon filter broke, and I got a 75 gallon tank and stand and 2 emperor 400 filters, and now both 400's don't work, it really pisses me off. Anyways...does anyone know how to fix it? I took both of them apart, and I see all the parts and stuff, there is a magnent on the bottom of it, and it spins the propeller, and the propeller spins when I turn it on, but no water gets sucked up....any help?
I believe you are just lacking a syphon on the filter. To fix this fill the emperor with tank water before turning on the power. Once it is filled with water then plug it in.
Oh thank you so much you have no idea how happy I am these are working now haha.

Another question, you know how the 400's have those tubes with the holes in them? I'm assuming to move the bio wheel, on of them has water coming out of them, and the other does not. the one without the water coming out of the tubes has a much stronger flow rate, but the one with water coming out of the holes is a lot less powerful, whats wrong now?
Anyone? Why isn't one of the filters tubes spitting out water and the other is?
Wish I could help, but without being in front of it, it's really hard to say. Is there a support number on the paperwork that came with the filter? Or can you post up a short video on youtube of the problem that you're seeing?
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