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New to the board, long time listener first time caller....

My question is regarding Brichardi Cichlids. Can the Daffodil Brichardi and the regular Brichardi sucessfully spawn and produce a hybrid? I pulled a NOOB manuever and have both in a small 20 gallon tank, 2 of each type. I think the tank will be sufficient for an adult pair, either way, it is the tank I have to work with at this time. I noticed the dominant fish in the tank (Daffodil) accepting one of the regular Brichardi, and bullying the other. I am thinking the dominant one and the one who gets bullied are male and the others are female, but they are too small to tell. The dominant one is starting to develop the trademark long lyretail, so I am thinking it is a male. I was just curious if anyone had any similar experiences. I like this species a lot, but I think I should have just got all the same sub species.

Any input would be useful, thanks for your time.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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