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brichardi is taking to long

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i just got done remodeling my tank from my african cichlids about a month ago an i started to get some Neolamprologus brichardi now i have a total of 6 they ve been in the tank for a long while an im waiting for them to pair up but i have no idea what they is waiting for today i notice the male hovering in an area behind the long rock when he is usally in front or diging his hole an i want to know all the best foods to feed them here some pics

this is what i think might be a pair
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in my brichardi tank i have 1 big one an 5 are a lil bit smaller an i have 1 albino zebra should i remove the big brichardi an zebra now so they can spawn
Just let them be and give them some time. You just re-do the tank so it will be a while till they settle.
What a beautiful tank. What size / dimension?
Your fish are still young and relatively small. Give it time.
ok thanks its a 75 gal its fine to let the bigger one stay
Once they do start to pair they'll establish definite territories and any that don't will be driven from them , and likely killed. Once they do start spawning they'll (or should) form an extended family group with many generations of fry living with them. In a nut shell at some point one pair can take over the entire tank. I would suggest that once a pair forms re-homing the others to avoid two or more family groups fighting over available territory.
Nice tank Shadow22!! :thumb:

I've just changed from keeping Malawis to a Tang species tank with Daffs (Pulcher/Bricardi). I picked five up not quite three weeks ago. All are quite small with one a little larger. The larger and one of the smallest have paired up and staked out their territory and tonight I see fry!!! :eek:

Two of the other three have been shunted to the top of the tank. Looks like I'll have to try and move these extras out tomorrow, and let the family take over the whole tank.
thats nice congrats your bigger one must be a male cause mine is a felmale i believe
If you want to try to get them to spawn wait a couple of weeks between water changes then do a 50%+ water change. Yours look to me to be close to big enough for breeding, so if they're ready that'll help them get in the mood :wink: . Just keep an eye on the others. Sometimes males will tolerate other females but not males or other pairs IME.
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