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Brichardi Breeding question

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Hey guys,

So my Brichardi decided to have some babies yay! From my understanding though, I was under the impression that they were laid eggs usually in a dark protected area like a cave and then tended to their fry there?

Mine happen to have laid and are now protecting them in the rear corner of my 125 gallon community tank.

I was just curious if this was strange or not? Either way, great parenting skills thus far and it's pretty entertaining watching them do their thing.
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:dancing: CONGRATS !

Sounds like they are pretty normal to me !
Mine did some major excavating around a rock pile to get it just right before they spawned. My best guess is that yours felt pretty secure about that spot and felt fine spawning there.
They are fun to watch. , and the show gets better once you have a couple of generations of fry in there. Just watch your other fish though cause Brichardi parents get pretty ruthless when they protect their young.
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