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Brevis in 10g with flourite

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Hi. A few months ago I started a 10g planted tank. The plants are doing well and I like how the tank looks. Right now the only thing in there besides the plants are 2 apple snails. I was thinking of making the tank into a tang set up with a pair of brevis. However, I know they like sand and the red flourite is pretty chunky. Would they do ok in there, or is sand a must have for them?
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Doesn't the flourite lower the pH? I was thinking it is like clay??
Brevis shouldn't bother your plants as far as eating them goes.
Shellies do tend to pile up the substrate on plants and/or away from the roots.
If they are like my Multis, they can buldoze that chunky flourite just as well as sand.
I've read that Brevis hide quite a bit. Hopefully someone with personal knowedge of them will speak up.
Not sure if I helped you or just added more questions :-?
im not sure about the flourite but my all of the brevis *** kept didt dig. some did a little, but its nothing but a shallow hole. im sure if they do dig, they will find a way.
Thanks for the replies

Well their ad claims "Flourite™ is not chemically coated or treated and will not alter the pH of the water", so hopefully the pH won’t be a problem.

I am thinking of maybe removing the flourite in one spot and adding some sand where I can put the shells, but I'm not sure how this will look. I've been searching for pics of tanks with sand/gravel substrate, but so far I haven’t found one.
actually, *** seen some in person before and they look quite good. but all of them were white sand. he had flourite where there was plants and sand for shellies(like you) he also had a pair of brevis(which i wanted) in the middle. it was a 65G tank.
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