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Breedring/Quarantine tank

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I want to set up a 10 gallon breeding and quarantine tank. So would a sponge filter be sufficient or should I add a HOB? Or just and HOB? Which set up would be best. Thanks all!
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When I set my 10g hospital up I use a small hang on back. I then remove a sponge from the Xp3 on my large tank and place it inside the hob, add the fish and it's ready to go. :thumb:

Breeders seem to prefer barebottom tanks with an air driven sponge filter. If your not keeping fish in it constantly I suppose a little ammonia a day would keep the bacteria going untill you need it.
assuming your hospital tank will only be used for a short time and won't be overstocked a sponge filter would be fine. The one thing that will make a hospital tank more successfull is to keep whatever filter you use colonized with bacteria. Sick fish certainly don't need to go through a cycle. Personally I have a small hank on tank with a biowheel. I keep the biowheel in the sump of one of my tanks to keep it colonized.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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