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breeding xeno. flavipinnis

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I acquired 5 w/c Xeno. flavipinnis"kasanga" several weeks ago, and have never had any previous luck breeding other xeno. species(green flourescent). I noticed last month that one had what appeared to be a mouthful, and I was successful in catching her, as well as her mate as they are biparental mouthbrooders and I thought I should keep them together. After over 3 weeks, they finally spit and a very large brood. Well over 80 fry. I now see another female in the original group holding and need to pull them out as well.
Has anyone much experience breeding these guys. How long should I leave the parents in with the fry. Its been several days and both parents still take the fry in when ever they perceive danger. Would you recommend putting the other holding pair in the same tank with the existing fry and parents?
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Holy moley, congratulations! I haven't had much luck breeding my xenos, so I'm of no use to you. But please, post some pictures!

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The fry are very small, and they spook very easily. Anytime I get near the tank, mama and/or papa scoop them all up in a second. Just don't want to leave them together too long, as I've seen with other mouthbroodeers, their fry are fry one day, and lunch the next!
I'm breeding Flavipinnis(1m, 1f)in a 40 long with 5 Paracyprichromis nigripinnis and I let them grow in the tank without predation. I remove them when they are around 1 inch and a half. But, my couple don't breed until I remove their fry!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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