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Breeding Schedule !!!!???????

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Ok so our Jacks (Fred & Wilma) are acting suspiciously, over the past 2 weeks we have had (in this order) some aggression followed by the male building towers of stones outside all the entrances to the caves they have plus clearing so much stones he is now down to the glass bless him, and now Wilma is looking very dark!!!

Are these signs of breeding and if so what comes next, what do we need to look out for?
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Sounds like it to me. What size tank and what other fish are in there?
its about 65litres sorry we are in the UK! They are the only fish in there as we also have a VERY large Malawi set up with some evil frontosas who beat up any new fish we add! Should they be in with other fish?
So what comes next? is there anything else to look out for or will it literally just be eggs now?

Sorry about the double post, rubbish computer!
65 litres is a tad small for a pair of JD's...but you may have an exception...what size are they, and the floor print of the tank? Usually a 4ft tank is recommended...

Don't mix continents either...Africans and Americans have different needs.

Does sound like breeding though...1st batch?
Wow, Some one on here said I couldn't keep 1 dempsey in my 29 gallon. And your 2 are breeding in a 17 gallon? That is awesome. Maybe they can go back in there. I want them to breed.
They are only dinky (about 2-3 inches) and about 6 months old so they have plenty of room for now and are perfectly happy, we have another tank ready for when they are bigger.

They bred twice for previous owners and we took them in off of them merely for the fact that we adore JD's not so much that they would breed for us. So will be our first batch but not the fishes first time!
oscarlover43055, 29 is too small, and Sarah, if you've got the bigger tank for them put them in it now. They will thank you for it by living much longer! :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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