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Breeding Red devils :(

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About a month ago i decided that i was going to use a 45 gallon tank as a grow out tank for a female red devil to go with my big male. So i got rid of the sals and jd and got 3 juvi red devils. Well its a month later and the biggest one is about 3-4 inches, the problem is that hes paired up with what will be my female. This little male already has a hump and everything and lots of personality, the female is also feisty as **** and im really considering keeping them both and getting rid of my bigger one. Now can red devils breed this small? and will it be easier to keep the pair then trying to introduce the female to another male?
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at 4", im pretty sure they ca, but dont go by me to much, i know it is possible in flowerhorns, but never owned or researched RD's.

id say it would just be eaier to keep the pair then trying to introduce, but it wouldnt be imposible to introduce her to your big male, just make sure you use the divider method to introduce her if you choose that route.
Yes, it's really tough to "create" pairs with the larger species. If you've got a pair and are interested in breeding, they'd be my top priority.
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