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Breeding my Labs and Maingano

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Hope you all can help!!!

I want to encourage my Yellow labs and Maingano to breed..

My tank is 42" long, and has plenty of rocks and caves.. Sand as a substrate, Ph is a very stable 8.0, and Temp is between 26,5 and 27,5 ( 80 and 81.5 f)
In the tank i only have the small group of Labs and the small group of maingano, (5 of each)only other house mate is a bristle nose algae eater.

the yellow labs are just over 2 inches and the maingano are between 2 and 3 inches.

So what tips do you have, how can i get these guys to breed,
i hope you can help me get fry!


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Keep feeding them and doing water changes. When it's time, it'll happen. ;)
They might be a little young yet. My males were 3" or over and the females more like 2.5" before they started breeding. That may not always be true, but it was for me. Also they needed to be comfortable in the tank for many months before their thoughts turned to reproduction.
Both species can breed at a smaller size, but I have to agree with DJRansome (as usual :wink: ).

Personally, I'd prefer mine wait until a fully mature size to begin to breed. They hold more, and they hold better. And, they will also spawn on a regular basis, while it can be pretty erratic with the younger ones. (Most of my full adult mbuna spawn once every 4-5 weeks, but when young, they may spawn once and then not again for a few months.)

Are you trying to figure out a way to talk your wife into another grow out tank already? :lol:

indeed i am Kim.....
I've always said, after 6 months, (which is now 5) i'm going large or maybe supersize :thumb:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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