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breeding jags managuense

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what am i doing wrong. i purchased a pair of f1 7-9" breeding managuense from a reputiable guy. he had them in a 75, but i put them in a 100g 6' tank, but i used a partial divider at the 1/3 point. i feed krill, and nls. i do 50% weekly wc, raise and lower the temp on occasion. but no breeding in like 4 months. the female hangs out in the divided side, rarley goes to the other side. when she does the male will bump her a few times, then she goes back.

am i missing something here, what can i do to get them going. last option i see is remove the divider, and let them go at it.

does anybody have a pointer for me.
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honestly, id remove the divider and watch them very closely. this may not be what people recommend, but thats what i would go for.
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