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Breeding cyprichromis

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I have had 3 cyps. holding over the last month, but it seems within 3-4 days they swallow their eggs. These are young cyps. I think utinta. Is this normal for younger fish? They are all about 21/2 -3 inches long now.
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Mine are Utinta too. I'd give them another few tries before you take more drastic measures. Mine started in December with some failures but the last two out of three were successful.
If its their first time holding its normal for them to spit or eat the egg, just give them sometime and they'll start holding their full term. It could be that the male is bothering them or other tank mates. If it was me I'd give them another term before I would start looking for the reason or other alternatives. Like you said their young, you'll get many spawns out of them.

Just a few questions.
What size tank are they in?
How many do you have?
What are the tank mates?
I have the same thing with WC Utinta. The smaller females will swallow after 3-4 days (they are smaller - 3" maybe). The males are really getting there colours now (been here for 2 mos) and doing the funky cyp love dance. I have about 24 in a 125 with ventralis, and the tank is busy, but friendly.

Give them some time. They need some practice. :dancing:
Thanks for all the replies! They are in a 55, with 6 small alto.calvus, and 3 gold occies. There
are 12 cyps and it looks like 5 males and 7 females. Only 2 of the males are really starting to color up. The other 3 have yellow tales and kind of get chased alot by the other 2. Thanks again!
I am new and only a beginner. IMO is that if the eggs are not fertilized , in 5 days or sooner ,they will be melted and the female will split the melted liquid through her gills. If the eggs are fertilized, they will never eat the eggs.
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