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The Pacific Coast Cichlid Association is proud to announce Mr. Dick Au from San Francisco, CA, as our speaker on June 11, 2011.

Mr. Dick Au has been involved with discus for over forty years. His first experience with discus dated back to the early 1950's when he observed the first commercial spawning of brown discus while working in a fish farm in Asia.

A well-known breeder of aquarium fishes, he consistently produces quantities of quality discus year after year.

He has received numerous awards for contributions to the aquarium hobby as well as lifetime memberships to several societies. Insisting on keeping discus as a hobby and not as a business, the author spends much time giving lectures at aquarium societies, judging fish shows, and writing about discus.

"Breeding AngelFish", is one of our great programs in 2011. Everyone should not miss it.

Join us on June 11, 2011, at great new location, Harry's Hoffbrau,390 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose, CA 95129. For more information please check out the PCCA website at http://WWW.CICHLIDWORLD.COM. :thumb: :fish: :thumb:

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