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I currently have a 6.5ft tank (600litres), with bgk,plecs,loaches,tetras,kribs,angels in it.Last month i added three 3" blue acaras, yesterday they spawned on a rock in one corner of the tank, im not familar with breeding cichlids so was wondered what to expect in terms of aggression etc?

What should i do with the remaining acaras so far i just seen a bit of chasing nothing else, also what about the rest of my fish will the breeding pair bother these.

I read on a different site that a pair of acaras is best thng to have in a community tank rather than a group is this true? :-? :-? :wink:

cheers ric

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If you've got a bonded pair then I would remove the third acara and just leave the other two be.

In a tank that size you don't have to worry too much about anything - if the eggs hatch the parents will take care of them for a bit until the male decides it's time to spawn again, and the fry will be eatin'.
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