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Bought a fre fish at the GCCA Swap Meet today! Was much more crowded then I expected and not as many vendors as I thought, next time they need to rent a larger space as there was hardly and room to walk!

Anyway, single males were harder to come by and sold FAST. I expected the price to not be as high, and was almost the same as my LFS. Each male I paid an average of $20 each. I was only able to get 5 males, and also ended up buying 4 moorii juveniles wich I used a tank divider to separate them until I can differ the males from the females and sell the other 3.

I bought:
Aulonocura Rubescend, ruby red
Benga Sunshine
Dragon Blood
and the last one I cant remember the name, but it starts with an S and he is dark blue. :)

My favorite so far is the dragon blood. He is so beautiuful! When I took him out of the bag he did not hide or anything!

I plan to go to my LFS and pick up some more this week and next week. So far they all seam to like the tank and swiming around the rock pile. :)
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