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bought a holding mbuna at the LFS, now what?

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Bought what looks to be blue colbalt that is holding. I put her in one of those floating breeding boxes to make sure and she is. Should I leave her in this breeding box? Its kinda small and she is about 4 inches. Id like to try to make every effort to keep the fry if they get to that stage, but dont want to her spit prematurely. Should I set up a divider in the 55 and give her a small portion of the tank or just let her be?

There are currently about 5 red zebras, 3 yellow labs, 3 kenyi (2 are only 1.5 inches), 2 melanochromis (only 1 is about 1.5 inches), and some assorted dither fish.

Whats the best way to do this to have a high survival rate?

thanks all!

Also, she was definately the dominate one in the tank at the store...i stood and watched her for about 20 mins chasing everyone else.
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what are the chances the fry are not hybrid? how many other "blue colbalts" were in this tank at the store.. she will swallow them if she is stressed. im surprised she didnt on the trip home.
The only reason I would buy a holding fish from the LFS would be to have a confirmed female. I wouldn't keep any fry from her. You just can't determine what she's been housed with or what she could have spawned with.

And, she will crossbreed with your red zebras...So, unless you choose one species or another, future fry won't be guaranteed pure, either.

hmm there are very high chance that the **** she is holding isnt "pure".....oooh yeah she will breed with your red zebras. and trust dont want hybrids. have you been getting any yellow labs fry? if you did....they might not be "pure" either because of the red zebra.
Im probably 99% sure its not gonna be pure fry. She was housed with a bunch of red zebras and a few yellow labs.

Im really not concerned about them being hybrids or not, and I think all fish deserve a chance to live. But with that said, these fry, if they survive, will not leave my tanks and will not go the LFS or to another any other enthusiast even if they have good intentions. We cannot predict what mother nature will do.

Any any rate, I thought for sure she would have spit them, but like i said, she was the dominant one in the tank and very very dark. She has since lightened up a bit, but is still holding her own(no pun intended).

I have no experience with holding african or fry(I have some fry that were given to me, but thats it).

I have a make shift tumbler in case she does spit, but should I separate her now with a divider in my 55?

I welcome any input. thanks!
Well since you are going to keep them all, you will be getting more tanks anyway. That makes it much easier, you can just get one now for the fry!
She is in the upper right. Best pic i could get at the moment. Just trying to verify that she is a cobalt despite what her fry may be.

thanks all

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I think you should put the babies back into the main tank :thumb:
Try to get a better pic.

Am I seeing barring? If so, it's not a pure Cobalt.


This one isnt much better either, but yes, she does have barring. Any idea on what she might be mixed with?

Does anyone have pics they can post of true colbalt?

A hybrid having a hybrid fry really dilutes the gene pool.....
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Hybrids always have hybrid fry! :lol:

The fish in my avatar is a Cobalt. They don't show any barring, and are a much "whiter" blue than your fish. (female Cobalts will look a bit darker - not as dark as yours, but no barring...)

It's impossible to say what she might be. Probably something in the zebra line, but without seeing a clear profile pic, it's hard to even guess...

Here is a better profile pic of a Cobalt:

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Wow, thats an awesome looking fish. There is certainly nothing like that around here. Will get another pic up soon to help try and ID.
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