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There are a number of issues with your current stocking, as the list you've provided isn't overly compatible.

First, Jack Dempseys and Convicts are pairing fish. Should they pair, they'll strongly defend a territory to the exclusion of other fish. That territory could easily be 3ft or more in your aquarium. If you really want to keep these kinds of fish, I would return one of each to the store.

The Labs and Maingano are NOT pairing fish, rather requiring multiple females for each male, so that the male does not kill the female.

Typically people don't keep Central American cichilds together, with Malawian Mbuna, though it isn't impossible to do. What are you feeding these fish, as their natural dietary needs are quite different?

Before adding fish, I think you need to come up with a plan as to what to keep, so that you don't end up with further stocking issues. The best pleco for a tank of this size is a Bristelnose pleco in my experiences.
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