book review

A book review of Ad Konings' Tropheus in their Natural Habitat has been added to the library. A special thanks to Pam Chin for putting the review together.

Pam is one of the founding members of "Babes In The Cichlid Hobby", avid cichlid keeper, and writer. Her articles can be seen in the Buntbarsche Bulletin and Cichlid News. Ad Konings is one of the best known names to anyone keeping cichlids. Ad has written many books on cichlids and is a frequent guest speaker at cichlid events around the world. His research on cichlids and conservation work has been the subject of several blogs on Cichlid-Forum.

Take a few minutes to read Pam's book review on Tropheus in their Natural Habitat and don't hesitate to order the book in hardback or digital format. Ad's books and photography should be on every cichlid-keepers shelf.