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Sounds like typical Cichlid behavior regarding chasing. You could try to add more line of sight breaks. Let them mature a bit more and maybe you'll be able to visually sex. I'd move them all to the 55 when that time comes. If you're uncomfortable with any further aggression there you could always remove a fish.

Maybe try posting some photos of your fish. They carry color at a relatively small size. Can't say anything regarding hormones. YT vids may not have good lighting, camera, quality, etc. I'll look for a video I remember from back in the day with these fish spawning, and link here if I can find it. Mid 70s should be fine. I wouldn't exceed 80 degrees.

You may not be interested in breeding, but that would be the most interesting and rewarding thing when keeping substrate spawning cichlids. I'd start with a minimum of 6 unsexed juveniles if going for a strong pair. In a 55, you should be able to have 2 pairs, provided your setup provides lots of cover/line of sight breaks.
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