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Bolivian or Borelli

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I have a planted 29g (set up for over a year) and 20gL (newly set up, about 6 weeks, cycle is complete). Both tanks have mineralized top soil capped with black 3m color quartz for substrate, rena xp1 for filtration. The 29g has T5HO lighting, the 20gL has T5NO lighting. Well water, pH is 7.6, kH is 10ish. I dose Excel and PPS Pro (macros, w/my well water, so far, no micros needed) daily.

I have 5 Altolamprologus "SUBMBU DWARF" Comps coming next week, I think they can be kept in either tank.

Given my higher pH, I would like to try to keep either Bolivian Rams or Borelli's. Both tanks have same footprint, the 29g is taller, hence the extra 9 gallons. Which tank would be better for which fish?

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Bolivians are hardier and would be more likely to be OK in a newly set-up tank. I personally like borelli's better, but they'd need to be in an established tank IME. I don't know if they can handle the higher pH. Generally speaking, I've had a harder time keeping apistos happy even in fully planted tanks with neutral pH and a lot of attention. Bolivians are easy.
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