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Blue Ram Fishicide?

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I have 29g SA, heavily planted tank.
Stocked as follows:
2 blue rams (1M/1F) I think
2 dwarf gouramis
6 rummynose tetras
5 white cloud tetras
3 cory sterbai
2 cory panda
1 cory similus
5 otocinclus
1 bristlenose catfish (recently deceased)
1 golden wonder (recently deceased)
1 otocinclus (recently deceased)

A few days ago I noticed that 1 oto cat looked very weak and stressed and my girlfriend told me that she saw the golden wonder near the bottom of the tank acting agressive, which he never did before. The next morning I found the golden wonder floating on the top with the weak oto stuck in his mouth, both dead. :eek:

Last night, I found the BN cat dead on the bottom with both eyes gone - obviously a mafia hit. :roll:

The BN cat had just been introduced about a week ago and was the largest fish in the tank. The rams had been displaying mating type behavior (rubbing, kissing, coloring, chasing, etc.)
The female has harassed other fish in the tank, but nothing that violent.

Is it possible that the female ram killed the BN cat? The ram is about 1 1/2" while the BN cat was about 2 1/2".
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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