Europe's newest and largest aquarium has open its doors this past weekend. The Blue Planet Aquarium, located just outside of Copenhagen, is not only the largest aquarium in Europe but also a work of art.

Blue Planet Aquarium

Blue Planet Aquarium. Photo by Adam Mrk​

Blue Planet Aquarium is currently configured with 53 tanks totaling almost 2 million gallons of water. When first approaching the facility, visitors are treated to its unique architecture. For more information on the architecture, visit the Dezeen Magazine website. Once inside, 20,000 species of marine and freshwater fish are on display. The marine fish are also housed in ocean water brought to the aquarium by a 1 mile tube.

Blue Planet Aquarium

Photo by Thomas Olsen​

If you live in the Copenhagen area or plan to visit in the future, make sure to visit Blue Planet Aquarium. For more information, visit the Den Bla Planet website.