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I recently made some large changes to my tank and want to try and breed my dolphins. I had picked up a trio of 3 dolphins from a local seller who had claimed these 3 dolphins are all females a few months back and was told before yet again these were females but now I'm not so sure if that's true.

The other day I was looking at them and noticed 2 of them had their breeding tubes out. The ones that did were the second and third fish. The third one kept chasing the second one and nudging it for awhile then the first fish saw what they were doing and joined in the chasing and started trying to shimmer shake at the third fish. First and second pictures are of second and third fish breeding tubes partly out.

Second fish stopped after awhile and then the first and third started to circle and first one started to really get into it and first one started to do the male shaking breeding dance and the third one started dropping eggs so at this point I knew the third is a confirmed female and im guessing fish one would be confirmed male?

these 3 are all the same age yet I thought males are supposed to be much bigger? The first one is the smallest of the group but it's the most plump looking one and it's anal fin does extend slightly past the caudal fin which is a male trait? If it's male it does not have the larger size of a male nor its fins are that long and pointy. The plump one does flare at the second fish and tries to pick a fight with it but second fish anal fin looks very much like my females perhaps it just doesn't like it despite it being female? Always thought only males fight for dominance?

I'm thinking I either got 2 males 1 female or 2 females and 1 male? I had bought a confirmed male who is slightly larger and thought I got a good harem of 3 females for him but he showed zero interest in any of them until I saw this happen with thee 3. Unfortunately the eggs all got eaten by their tankmates so I will have to divide the mating pair from the rest of the tank next time if they do breed again. Sorry for the long post and any information is greatly appreciated thanks.


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