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Hi guys,
My peacock/hap tank has seen a long while of peace
135 gallon 6 foot long with mostly peacocks and haps 4-7 inches as well as a couple small mbuna
Alphas are an Albino Compressiceps and Male Bumblebee
Went up to the aquarium today only to see one of my three Blue Dolphins swimming face down by the filter.
I freaked out but as I came up to the tank, it went back to the feeding clump and ate well only to go back to the filter as soon as I left.
Its been doing that on and off throughout the day
- no tail bites at all
- great appetite
- no trouble swimming
However: I noticed that its the smallest of the three and must have lost some weight recently (pictures are attached: its the one in top right)
The dolphin's don't really chase each other but we used to have 4 and we lost one in a similar situation where he lost weight compared to the others
Water parameters checked out pretty solid (nitrates a little high around 40/50) but then I see that one same dolphin brushing up against a rock a few times and immediately assumed ick.
I don't see any ick or fungus and the tank has been treated for that before so I know what that looks like.
Also, no new fish added recently.
Had some quarantined for like 2 months and added them like 2 weeks ago but that was uneventful.
Any thoughts guys?
Should I isolate him and, if so, should I treat him for something?????
P.S.: All the fish in the tank are generally males (and aggression is VERY LOW) but I could never tell with the dolphins as they truly all look alike in the general sexing traits.


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I see this post is almost a month old and I'm new to the forum. Was wondering what has happened since you posted this.
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