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can someone direct me to an article and or thread with symptoms and treatment. I suspect my tank is going through it and this is my first time with any ailments.

species- afra cobue, saulosi

water parameters are good, nitrates normal, checking nitrites and ammonia as we speak

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just found cichlidaholics link, thanks, I'll check that one too
i just called petco and they don't have clout but they have Melafix and Marycn, has anyone used these and are they gonna do the same thing?
Melafix and Maracyn won't work for bloat. You need a med that works on protozoans. Perhaps someone else on the forum can come up with something besides Clout.
yea, I just talked to Kim the mod and she told me what to get and got some good instructios, so stay tuned and cross your fingers.

Jungle Clear
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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