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Using API General Cure (metronidazole/praziquantel) to treat a fish I think may have bloat, in addition to Epsom salt. Unfortunately I do not have a quarantine/hospital tank (and I think its probably safer to treat all fish at this point). Wondering if I should be following package instructions (1 packet per 10 gallons every 48 hours for 2 treatments) or if I should be dosing more aggressively (per the instructions for metronidazole water treatment in article found in library- 250mg daily for 5-10 days)? Did not want to use Clout and discolor everything in the tank. Is there a better treatment option I should be trying?
My Placidochromis electra hasn't eaten for ~3 days and I actually noticed him trying to eat then spitting out food a few days ago. This morning I noticed thin, stringy excrement hanging from vent. He's not excitedly waiting at the top of the tank during feeding as the other fish do anymore. All other fish eating normally. Haven't noticed any excessive respiration or bloated belly, but he does seem to be acting somewhat reclusive.

60 gallon tank
48'' long x 24'' tall x 12'' wide
Was cycled (fishless) and fish added 6 at a time (2 weeks in between) roughly a month/month and a half ago

Ammonio 0 ppm
Nitrite 0 ppm
Nitrate 10-20 ppm
pH 8.2
GH 11
kH 7
temp 78 degree F

12 total fish, all males, all juveniles, mixed peacock/hap
live plants
nerite snails

50% water changes weekly (haven't missed any, last on Saturday) using Prime to condition new water, plant fertilizer weekly, Flourish Excel daily
Feeding small amount of pellets (using pellets I bought from the place I bought my fish from) three times a day (just enough so fish consume w/in 30 seconds)
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