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Blackbelt or hybrid vieja?

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Here is my 7" blackbelt. He has different colors than most of the photos I see. So do you think there is some syns or fene in the mix? Or is this just normal variation? Either way is cool, he is a good looking fish, I am sure he will be stunning when fully grown. (My crappy pix do not do him justice, he has an emerald green shimmer under his spots and his eyes are emerald green too. His fright coloration is pinkish white with as many bars as a convict.)

I took this in a dark room with the tank lights on and no flash with my cheapie EasyShare 4 megapixel. Would there be a better way to show his colors more?
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I see nothing that says anything besides a blackbelt. There is a lot of different regional variants of this fish.
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