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So after more than a year with my little lads, *** decided to find out what the proper bio mass is for my tank :thumb: lol

I have a 44g pentagon. I couldn't really give you the dimensions without some geometry but I'm sure you guys have seen it.

whisper 60 filter + eheim 2213 cannister, oscillating powerhead for the plants and water articulation. sand substrate, with many rocks siliconed up the back walls to resemble natural slate shelves.

I have 3 a.comps, 3 c.steppersi, 2 occies, 1 e.cyanostictus. 1 synodontis hybrid. + 2 tiny algae gobies( that are beast on algae) weight is just right? too much? more!?

I see natural behavior from all fish, sand sifters are breeding, shellies cover and uncover constantly, gobie bounces around, a.comps do a. comp things. No aggresion really.
Thank you guys in advance for any input.. :p
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