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My 20 long is currently set up for shellies. 3M CQ sand, 14 dKh hardness, pH 8.4. I am planning on selling the occies and converting to a cory tank. There are also 4 pearl danios in there that I am keeping.

Does it sound reasonable to drain 90% of the water, refill ~1/3 with treated tap water, stir the sand, drain down to a couple of inches, then refill with treated tap? I will then add a couple of pieces of driftwood to help bring the pH as close to neutral as possible before adding the corys.

I expect with the current water hardness, bringing the pH down without chemicals will take a while.

It should be noted that three Sterbai corys will be moved from a tank with very soft, acidic water (~1 dKh hardness, pH 6.6-6.8).


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