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best led for 55 gallon cichlid tank

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best led light for 55 gallon for my color fish. i just have yellow labs, rusties and Cynotilapia sp. "hara
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I have the Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus and like it a lot. There is a lot of flexibility in color choices and the intensity of lighting. So depending on the type of fish you have, you can play with these settings to get your fish to look very nice.

I will say before this light, I had the Beamswork FOWLR and that thing was bright enough to see from the ISS. I think it helped a lot in the promotion of the green algae growth I have in my tank now, so I will give it that.
I just purchased the current satellite led (not plus model), I honestly didn't do a ton a research (maybe 15 minutes worth), but it seemed like it would be fine for viewing and that the led plus would be better for plants. The model I found was about $50 vs the plus I found for a little over $100. I would've gone for it if I had a heavily planted tank though. 36"-48" model.
thanks guys yeah i was thinking about the plus because of the ability to change color since im not sure which colors will make my fish look best.
Curious, do the fish react different to different colors? Or do that not seem to care :fish:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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