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Best frozen foods

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I generally like feeding frozen foods to my adult haps, either weekly or monthly. So far I feed either cyclop-eeze, daphnia, baby brine shrimp (left overs from fry feeding), mysis shrimp, and Krill (just fed krill for the first time last week. They seem to love it. The problem is my Exochochromis anagenys male is a voracious pig and shoved at least 4 into his stomach and is super fat now, so I can only feed very lightly a few flakes now until he passes all of it through his body...).

What I was wondering, which of those is likely the healthiest, and are there any other healthy foods that they'd like?

Currently the only live food I feed is guppy fry I have in a 2.5gallon, but I was also considering setting up a 10 or 20 gallon Daphnia tank. Is daphnia a good live food to feed, and how healthy is it?

Also what I'd like to know is what frozen foods you guys feed.

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well i am definitely no expert on the subject but i can tell you what i was told.
which is: cyclop-eeze is about the best, definitely no bloodworm's for cichlids its very bad.

but i personally do not feed them anything frozen except for a treat about once every 2-3 weeks and i give them brine shrimp. i just feed a combo of nls 1mm sinking and a few top fin floating pellets to distract some of the more veracious eaters so the others that hover near the bottom waiting for the food to fall in front of there faces get to eat nls food too!

i hope others can give you a better idea than me! :D

good luck,
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