Benitochromis batesii

Benitochromis batesii. Photo by Dave Hansen​

Not often seen in the hobby, Benitochromis batesii inhabits various rivers and lakes from southwestern Cameroon to northern Gabon. These fish don't get much larger than 3-4" and males and females look very similar. B. batesii shares the same type of bi-parental mouthbrooding strategy as other Benitochromis. However, B. batesii is a larvophilic mouthbrooder. While other mouthbrooders will pick up their eggs right way, B. batesii will protect they eggs and not pick them up until after they have hatched. Females lay upwards of a 100 eggs and perhaps this ensures that only viable fry are cared for.

Although not often found for sale, Benitochromis batesii is sometimes available from some retailers or other hobbyist. To discuss this species and other Benitochromis visit the West African forum. Although not the same species, the library contains an article on Benitochromis nigrodorsalis by Diane Tennison that may be useful.