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Behavior of a Rose Queen Cichlid

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I recently moved my Oscar "Snoogins" into a 105G tank and got him a tank mate as well. Snoogins is about 10 inches length and pretty thick. The Rose Queen is approx. 1/3rd the size of Snoogins. The RQ seems to just hover in a corner or hide in cover right now. Or is that what they do? They have been together only 2 days this normal behavior?

Snoogins seems to be really cool with the RQ so...I would'nt think the RQ should be intimidated too much.

Thanks to anyone and everyone with a little insight to my inquiry!
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Pretty sure rose queen's are a hybrid red devil/midas cichlid, which would make them central american.

You'll likely find them to be a lot more violent in the future.
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