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"New to the site" - actually was into the hobby over 10 years ago, and pretty active on the site. I had to give up my fish room to my newborn who is now 10. I had one tank, but was into breeding and trading a few strains of clean-lined F1, Mbuna's.

It's been awhile - I have a few questions if you can help me out ?

First, has the African cichlid craze died down a bit from 10-15 years ago ? When I look online for local fish 'for sale' - there are not many and even in aquariums, I don't see the selection and quality I used to see ( an indication that the local breeders might not be as prevalent ).

I would like to find some of the guys that were very active on Long Island - one, I knew, Stan ( Golfish), got out and moved to Florida - originally from Baldwin, but he knew his stuff. The other was Artie from Roslyn area - a great guy ! I've searched but can't find him and would really like to catch up with him.

Lastly, I used to trade a lot with many, local enthusiasts - don't think I ever actually bought a fish from an aquarium. Who are some guys on Long Island that are into Mbuna that I could get in touch with about stocking a soon-to-be-operational tank ?
A few years ago I was looking around locally for breeders but found nothing on LI. And there seems to be nothing ever listed locally. Nor does the LFS know much about mbuna.
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