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I have had Africans before and am not new to keeping this type of fish. But I just purchased some new fish and am not sure how they will get along in the tank. The LFS had them all in the same tanks and said they would all get along just fine. I think otherwise after doing some research. And to top it all off, today I found that my Frontosa was murdered!
I dont mind getting rid of the ones that are not compatable.

Heres the list of fish I bought:
Mel. Auratas x2
Bleekeri x1
Red Cap Peacocks x2
Frontosa x1 (had 2 but the other was murdered)
Moorii x2
Hap. Ahli x2
I have a 90 gal tank and I realize that they will eventually outgrow the tank but does anybody have any suggestions about which fish I should eliminate from this tank?
I'm leaning towards returning the Auratas.
Could you suggest which type I should replace this with?
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