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I know not everyone holds Marineland Penguin filters to the highest regard, but it's too good of a deal to not share.

I purchased a 350 biowheel for my 100 gallon on sale for $38.39 from $47.99 and wanted to get a second one. Checked hoping the sale was still going on and sw the same filter was selling online for $26.99 (This has to be a price mistake)! Called Petsmart to see if they would price adjust. They said they would! So I took in my receipt, web page printout, and coupon in. Manager refunded the original purchase, let me buy two at the online price, and use the $15 off $50 purchase. Ended up coming out to $19.49 each.

The coupons are available online as well and Petsmart is offering free shipping on orders over $50.

Price for one with $5 off coupon is $21.99
Price for two with $15 off coupon is $38.98 (or $19.49 each)

To use coupon online: Link(coupon will show up in cart)

Printable coupon: Link (Coupon is valid until the 18th.)

Link to product: Link

If you are going to purchase in store, make sure to print out a copy of the webpage with the price showing for the filter you want from the drop down menu as well as the coupon. Even without the coupon $26.99 is a great deal!

Here's some quick information on the filters.

Penguin 100, Filters 100 gal./hr., For aquariums up to 20 gallons.

Penguin 150, Filters 150 gal./hr. For aquariums up to 30 gallons.

Penguin 200, Filters 200 gal./hr., For aquariums up to 50 gallons.

Penguin 350, Filters 350 gal./hr., For aquariums up to 75 gallons, Has two filter cartridges.

(If a mod thinks this would be better placed elsewhere, please feel free to move it)
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