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Automatic water draining system

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Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone knew how i could go about making an automatic draining system for water changes... my tank will be placed right in front of a storage room wall that has a drain right behind it. Would be more convenient than continously stopping and filling into buckets...
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I am doing something similar. My tank sits above my laundry station that's in the basement. I have set up a drain pipe from the sump and/or from a gravel vacuum to the basement sink.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the ambition to drill the sump and put the bulkhead in.

Good luck - take pics if you do this!
My soultion is a bit less technical but it works.

my tank is kinda near my window on the 1st floor, i Syphon the water out the window, down though a hose pipe down to the garden and onto the grass/flowers.

easy and effective :)
Drain directly to the drain in the storage room. You can make a PVC gooseneck to hang on the tank that will drain it down to whatever depth you want.
Alternatively if you have a sump drill it to include an overflow inside the inlet side of the sump, set this to the total tank system water level you want, this will remove excess water from the system. As for adding new water simply just add a hose on a T to the display tank return return from the faucet.

Then all you have to do is turn on the valve controlling your fresh water once a day/week for several minutes, this increases the tank system volume so it has to overflow in the sump into the drain, automatically topping up for evaporation and changing water.
I admire you guys, and your engineering expertise! I still just use a garden hose out the front door into my flowerbed!
Well, you could ice skate, right?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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