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A while back I posted about two of my auratus getting male colors after huge water changes during bloat treatment. After this happened, my yellow labs started hiding behind things and getting "dirty" faces. Well for the last few days, not only are the labs back to normal, but only one auratus has male colors. I cannot even tell which one it was that was black before. I have one black one and three very yellow ones. I am a little confused and also wondering if the color change has anything to do with the labs acting like normal again. I also had a second kenyi turn yellow at the same time so it could have been either the autatus or the kenyi that were stressing them, but I still have two male colored kenyi. (for today anyway lol)

I am waiting for my lfs to call me about about switching some of my stock. How do I transport the fish back to the lfs? I saved all the bags my fish came in. Should I use those? Should I only put one fish in each bag? It is about a half hour drive.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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