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well the thing is that my aulonocranus spawn 2 days ago in my tank
but they are to young..i can only identify the male and the female aparte from a group of 5..and the female use to be my ''second bigger male''.. :lol:

well here are some pics..

and the couple..

the issue here is that is the first spawn in my tank..and have no idea of what to do..!!
in another forum the recomen me to another one the recomend to leave it to the parents..and some friends too..

what do you in real troubloe my first spawn and don't wanna lose it.. :oops:
the tankmates are a pair of calvus and 3 caudopunctatus.. the male and his female are the 2 bigger cichlids in my tank with 5cm each..
and the female isnt beeing beat up..she is the one beating up tankmates..including the male and the bigger calvus (3.5cm)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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