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ATTN: Cyathopharynx Keepers

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Im in the process of getting my 6ft 135 gallon tank set up to host this species of cichlid. I haven't nailed down the variant but I am sure I want Cyathopharynx. I have HAD success with other featherfins, Opthalmotilapia Boops and Ventralis, in the past. I was hoping I could get some of the Furcifer/Foai keepers on the forums to share some photos of their rock work to give me ideas. I'll post pictures in this thread as I progress in my set up. I'd post pictures now but I'm pretty sure we all know what a bare tank with water looks like :p

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Just take Cyatopharynx...O. boops and O. ventralis are highly agressive...

This is also an 6 ft tank...i keep them with C. kitumba and Petrochromis...and O. ventralis only the Boss in the Tank...

Here is my tank. A lot of breeding is going on, and everybody thrives. The gobies however would kill each other if it wasn't for the background in which they hide from each other, vertically. There just isn't enough rockwork for more than a couple, and I have 2.

Stock is 6 C. furcifer Ruziba 1M5F, 25 Cyprichromis microlepidotus Kiriza +- 10M15F, 5 Tanganicodus irsacae Moba (2 couples and a baby I couldn't catch).

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Thanks for the postings guys! Great looking setups. I'll keep this thread alive as i progress with my own setup.
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