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Attempt to avoid failure

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Well i was told by my LFS that i could keep troph's with peacock cichlids but i was advised by someone on this board that its prolly not a good idea to do so. I was keeping them in a 60gal long tank and they seemed to be doing very well.

I have 4 what look to be moori troph's the guy at the fish store said they were called 'firecracker cichlids" and 3 duboisi still with the spots.

My questions are can i keep these fish together? And will they do ok in a 20 gal tank. Its the only option i have atm because i have no other tanks. Any advice on how to get these fish into a thriving environment would be appreciated thank you.
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I would love to keep my peacocks and my troph's together. I love them both equally and cant decide on which one to go with so i figured seperate tanks for both.

As a mentioned in a previous post i currently have a 60long. In it i as of now have about 20 peacocks and the above mentioned troph's. My filtration is a xp3 with bio media only, and 2 110's with double pads. I currently change about 10gal of water every 5-7 days. I feed them hikari pellets, LFS sinking pellets, spirulina flake called aquatrol (the lfs guy said it was a very good flake).

Unfortunately i have more bad news, i know part of it is my fault but dammit LFS should give better advise to younger people trying build a thriving aquarium. 8 of the peacocks i purchased in december consisted of 5 cute little ones called "giraffe" cichlids and 3 other very nice colored little cichlids i now believe are fusco cichlids. I am going to try and take pictures of them to get a positive ID on them. After doing some research online i found out these fish will get between 10-12' and in the wild EAT cichlid's.

Im really discouraged at this point but i want to make this tank work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If i can keep the peacocks and trophs together maybe a plan of how to do that would be awesome.
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Well im in the works of getting a new tank, hopefully a 60-125 gallon tank. I was hoping to do one tank as a hap/peacock mix and the other with trophs.

What are my options in the 60 for trophs, and what are the options in lets say something larger like a 85-125. Do i have to have 12 species specific trophs only. In a larger tank can i do two different species if so what ratio's do i need? Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.
Ya i dont think im going to mix then unless i get a 125, i really dont want to create any hybrids thats for sure. My last question is if i do get my hands on a 125, could i transfer my 4 "firecrackers" get 8 more, and also had lets say a colony of 12-14 Ikola kaisers. I ask this because i found a dealer through this website very close to me and i like the way his Ikola Kaisers look.

Ill keep you guys posted on the progress, looking on craigs list twice a day for a bigger tank right now.
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