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Attempt to avoid failure

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Well i was told by my LFS that i could keep troph's with peacock cichlids but i was advised by someone on this board that its prolly not a good idea to do so. I was keeping them in a 60gal long tank and they seemed to be doing very well.

I have 4 what look to be moori troph's the guy at the fish store said they were called 'firecracker cichlids" and 3 duboisi still with the spots.

My questions are can i keep these fish together? And will they do ok in a 20 gal tank. Its the only option i have atm because i have no other tanks. Any advice on how to get these fish into a thriving environment would be appreciated thank you.
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With 4 firecrackers and 3 duboisi you might already be doomed for failure regardless of what size tank you keep them in.

When tropheus are kept in small numbers they can very easily become a single fish. You kind of have to keep them in a large colony in order to disperse aggression. There have been people who have successfully kept small groups but it doesn't always work out..

I wouldn't recommend putting them in the 20 gallon but that's just me. If you decide to do it I wouldn't keep them in there for long.

Hopefully all works out for you.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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