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I am in love with this fish, and really would like one for my Peacock/Hap set up (125 gl), but the more I read on them the more I am concerned about their temperament.

The species profile reads them as peaceful regarding other species but aggressive with the same species. This tank will house only males, and only one of each species at that. Nonetheless, they seem to have a nasty rep at being aggressive no matter what species they're housed with. The smallest fish I plan on having in the tank would be some 4"-5" (adult size) peacock - would these be too small? I know they prey on any smaller fish. I'm assuming clown loaches would be at risk as well.

I am aiming for a beautiful but peaceful set up. It would kill me to X this guy off, but I am prepared to do so.

Does anyone have experience with these beautiful fish, and whether or not they're truly aggressibe towards other species?

Thanks! :thumb:
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