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Are yellow labs slow growing?

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About six months ago i got a bunch of juvies that were all about the same size. I got some labs, a couple differant kinds of zebras, some kenyis, a bumble bee and a rusty. Since i got them, all of these fish have about tripled in size but the labs are still a LOT smaller than the other fish i baught at the same time. they are only about half the size. Are labs naturally slower growing, smaller fish or is there something wrong with mine?
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i have noticed that. i have one large lab (about 3in) who is a PIG but the smaller ones don't eat as much. they do eat but not like the rest of my fish go after it. my adult greshakei is the biggest pig in the there anything i can do to help this? i can't really think of any way to make sure the labs get more to eat.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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