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Are yellow labs slow growing?

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About six months ago i got a bunch of juvies that were all about the same size. I got some labs, a couple differant kinds of zebras, some kenyis, a bumble bee and a rusty. Since i got them, all of these fish have about tripled in size but the labs are still a LOT smaller than the other fish i baught at the same time. they are only about half the size. Are labs naturally slower growing, smaller fish or is there something wrong with mine?
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I have three labs that also have grown considerably slower than the other haps/peacocks in the tank. but they are getting more than their share of food. I do follow up the usual NLS pellets with some Omega One flakes, though, to spread out the food and give everyone a chance to snap some up, just in case.

I have also taught my Red Empress to take a part of a NLS sinking wafer from the end of a tong, so I can make sure he's getting enough (he's the biggest) without overfeeding the tank. The labs have caught onto this maneuver and I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to teach them to do it as well, to make sure they get a little extra.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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