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lloyd said:
...none of them are close to zaire color, though. so if that is your 'true quest' should hold off.
If you do choose to hold off, F1 Zaire Blue (Kapampa, Kitumba or Moba) will cost you about $35 each for 1-inch fry from a reputable breeder.

A 75-gallon tank should be a good grow out tank for, about, one year from the fry stage. The sooner you get your 135 the better.

I've had a Mpimbwe colony, I really liked them and I liked their color too. I have Zaire Kapampa now and love their color. Zaire are my favorites and the Tanzanians are second. I agree with lloyd, if you really want that Zaire color you might want to consider holding off.

Good Luck and keep us posted on what you get :thumb:
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