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Okay so I have a chance to get some fronts, been wanting to do something in a colony form for some time now. Here are the prices and availability I have been offered. Not really a front expert or anything I've come to you guys who I respect so much for opinions and options.

The List
Frontosa, 7 stripe 1" 4.00
Kipili 1" 8.00
Ikola lightning 1" 8.00
Cape mpimbwe 1" 8.00

So, what do you guys think? Any of these fronts worth getting? (For the record, I really like the Zaire blues if any of these are close) Also, how many juvies would be a good amount to purchase when trying to ensure a quality colony?

And a quick question about keeping them. At this time I've got an empty 75 gall and working to secure a 135 gallon. I know as adults they will need the 135, the tank measures L72xW18xH24 would that be okay for adult fronts or would I need a wider tank?

What size tank would be best for these juvies, could I toss em into a 20 Long for growouts?
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