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Are OB Zebras all Female?

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I just read that most OB Zebras, or at least the bright ones are females. ... hp?id=2316

Could this be true? I totally thought mine was a male due to it's somewhat agressive behavior towards other males and because it has 6 egg spots.

Also, I noticed a different listing for metriaclima zebra and metriaclima estherae. I thought zebra simply included estherae and callainos and so was less specific. Is it a different species?

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In the wild, M. estherae OB males are extremely rare, in the hobby however, they can be rather abundant.

Egg spots are not a trait of males, females can have them as well.

Metriaclima estherae and Metriaclima zebra are two different species, there are dozens of variants within the two species. M. estherae and M. callainos are zebra types that were given different species names when they were reclassified from the genus Pseudotropheus.
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