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On a couple occasions I've bought this type of root (pictured) for my tanks. Each lfs claims they're perfectly safe for cichlids and most types of fish. And I've seen them in numerous tanks on the internet.

I usually soak the root for a week or so to remove the coloring so it doesn't affect my water too much, then put it in the tank. The problem is, usually after a month or two, the roots start to leech strange looking substances - not the usual white filmy stuff that the fish like to graze on. It's almost as if they are starting to decay.

The last one started oozing stuff that looked like clear sap from one spot. About the same time, my Trophs stopped grazing on it and stayed away from it. I removed the root but I believe it was the cause of the Bloat that cost me my entire colony over the last two weeks.

The local stores sell tons of this stuff in addition to driftwood and I like the look of it. I'm about to start a new Malawi tank but am wary of trying it again. Has anybody had a similar experience with these roots? TIA.
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