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are ice packs totally safe??

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the blue plastic ones with the metal sealed tops... for keeping cooler bags for picnics cool..

now i suspect they are filled with something other than water..

so if they were to leak then i suppose it would be bad news for the tank.

but do people use them in aquariums without an outer plastic wrap??

are they safe?
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For the heck of it just in case I'd put them in a zip lock bag if you decide to float one in a tank.
agreed....but i thought somone might say they just throw them in as is without a hitch because of all the food safety standards...but i think aquarium standards are a whole lot higher. :wink:

this is just planB while im away on holiday and we get a heatwave ...although to be honest we live in one 24/7 but it might get even hotter ..god forbid. :roll:
I'd definitely put them in a zip lock bag if I were to use them. When I have needed to cool a tank off I've just used real ice cubes in a bag or a frozen water bottle though.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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